Monthly Archives: November 2010

Big News!

Well, I guess it’s time to spread the news…we’re having another baby! Just when you thought 5 Latulippes were enough, we’ve got baby #4 on the way. Many thoughts have gone through our minds over the last few weeks, but most of them joyful and grateful that God chose to bless us once again.

No, we were not planning on this, nor did we think it possible, but God always has a way of surprising us with His plans. It’s funny to think that we just got done getting rid of all our baby stuff around the house, moving into a smaller (2 bedroom) apartment, and a smaller (5 seat) car. It always seems that when we make our plans for life, God has something else (and better) in store.

Right now, we are looking towards a due date of 7/17/11 for the newest in our tribe. Nicole isn’t entirely excited about being 9 months pregnant in the heat of an Arizonan summer, but is excited none the less.

We are a bit concerned about how to get all the preparations ready for a baby, since we just downsized and have no insurance for Nicole to speak of. We do ask for your prayers, as we are not entirely sure how we will be able to do any of this, but we also know beyond doubt that all things are possible through Christ and that all things will work together for the good!