Monthly Archives: December 2010

Help me get my FREE 32GB iPad!

If your anything like me, you want an iPad or some other tech gadget but not all of us have $500 to throw at a new iPad. I know that there are a lot of adds/prize giveaways out there that are pretty scammy but I’ve found this one to be legit. In fact, I know someone who has received a video camera, an Xbox 360 elite, a macbook and much more!  It’s pretty simple and all you need to do is complete one offer (, netflix, etc.) and give out a few referrals. My total investment to get an iPad was $11.99.

Here’s the link to check it out!

Also, Tim Schmoyer, who has been receiving prizes for a while has a blog post that describes the whole process as well as an interview with the owner of the company. Check it out here.