Monthly Archives: June 2011

Some thoughts on leaving our church…

It’s been a few weeks since I turned in my resignation here at AELC. This was probably the toughest decision I’ve had to make in a career yet in my life and it remains difficult even though the decision has been made. I don’t really need to get into all the details of why and how we were led to this decision, but the fact or should I say truth that I would like to communicate is that we simply felt led. I know a lot of times in life we come to cross roads and aren’t sure where to go, but if we can cling to our faith and relationship with Christ, seeking His direction instead of merely informing Him of ours, we can have faith that he will show us the right step. (Mind you, that’s not a guarantee you can’t take the wrong step, just that He will show you the right one. Your job is to seek and listen.).

Nicole and I spent hours in prayer and fasting while coming to this conclusion and before we took the step we had a peace about it, and that was really our greatest confirmation. Not just that we felt ok with whatever happens, but that we knew that God is in control of our lives if we surrender to Him. That is peace, knowing you are in God’s hands and not your own. The fact remains that we will be completely unemployed as of July 1st, and by some of the opinions of folks around us we are completely nuts. (Namely for the following reasons: we have a baby on the way, we voluntarily gave up pay and security, and it may not look great on a resume to have a period of unemployment, oh and I won’t have insurance for a while.) But we feel peace, and for that I would not trade anything in the world. We are sure that God will use us, we are definite that He has called us to a life of ministry, and we are certain that all our bills will be paid and all little tummies full. These things we have faith in and peace about, the rest God will just have to show us one step at a time.

I think what frustrates me the most is that as Christians, we are quite frankly stuck in materialism. Questions like, “how will you make money?’ and, “Why wouldn’t you wait until you had a better job lined up?’ are coming to us from Christians. Where is your faith? Do you honestly believe that when Jesus says He will take care of your every need, that you will starve somewhere on a street corner because you took a leap of faith? Modern day American Christians have so little faith that it’s embarrassing. To start out on a new chapter you have to get all your funding in advance, and take as much risk out of every step of life as possible. Where does Christ preach that? All I’ve heard Christ say about that in the Bible, is when he told people to NOT store up wealth, to give up ALL their possessions, to LOVE people who wanted to kill them, and to LIVE without any worries. To hold up our little step to the teachings of Jesus makes it look like a walk in the park, and yet so many people are wondering why on earth we wouldn’t have done things ‘smarter’. [I’d like to apologize for this little rant, but it is indeed a confession of what’s on my heart.]

As for us, we will be fine. What step is God asking you to make, and why are you so scared to take it?