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Worship Night…July 30th, 6pm Granite Creek Park

Have you ever had an idea that just won’t go away? One of those thoughts that just seems like it isn’t yours but it’s still there? Sometimes in life it seems like we get a great vision but we just don’t pursue it and it keeps coming up in conversation and is confirmed in so many different ways through people and circumstances. Those are the things we should pay attention to…

For me, I’ve had the vision of a time of worship where we have no agendas or church brand names. No budgets, attendance sheets, or planning meetings for. Just a night where people who really want to worship Jesus can meet together and make Him the focus. Since I am completely unemployed right now, I really feel like it’s the time to make this happen and it doesn’t matter how many people show up, how perfect the music is, or if things go smoothly. It will just be a time to worship and bring honor to the name of Jesus Christ.

In so many churches across our country I feel like there are so many of us going through the motions and singing along to lyrics that we really don’t mean and I just don’t see how Christ is honored in that and it honestly bugs the hell out of me. So many of us (and I have to include myself on this) on Sunday mornings are analyzing the singers voice or the song selection for the week, the types of prayer said or how eloquent the pray-er was. It just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing that Jesus was talking about when he said in John 4 that the Father seeks those who worship in Spirit and Truth.

I’m hoping this will be different.

July 30th at 6pm we will be meeting in Granite Creek Park in Prescott, AZ to worship. Let’s see how the Spirit will bless a time of worship without expectations or agendas. You’re invited.


An interview I did with Youth Specialties

Here is an interview that I did with Youth Specialties a few years ago.