Monthly Archives: August 2011

Pain is a purifier.

Over the last few days I have been dealing with some pretty bad tooth pain. It wasn’t so bad at first, but yesterday it got so bad that I got nauseous and almost threw up! Tooth pain can come and go and I’m hoping today to get it fixed but it got me thinking…

St. Ignatius once said that physical pain was the quickest way to God (my paraphrase) and I’ve always thought that to be a ridiculous statement because I figured he was speaking of penance through mortification which some Ascetics took too far and whipped themselves etc. (I want to be clear that I think this is wrong). Not to say Asceticism itself is wrong, but those who take it to the point of hurting themselves are misguided to say the least. However, going through some overwhelming pain in these last days has reminded me that pain can bring us to our knees and that is exactly where God wants us. Through pain we forget the extraneous parts of life. We don’t care what so and so said about us,  we just want to get rid of the pain!

In this way pain can be good. Whether we are going through physical or emotional pain, remember that all things work together for the good (see Rom. 8:28) and that even though pain wasn’t in God’s original plan for us, it can bring us closer to Him.

Thank you God for pain. Now please make it go away!


My children are the X-Men

I am out on the back porch this morning listening to my kids play X-Men in the backyard. They follow each other around making up stories about how they have super powers, calling each other by their superhero names and destroying evil.
It’s great to be able to take the time and watch my kids as they are growing up. These years don’t last long and I’m so blessed to be able to be here and have the time to listen to them playing and being imaginative.
Right now I’m unemployed and I think a lot of times people view that as only a negative thing, but right now it is a blessing. I’ve never been able to spend so much time with my wife and kids. I think many times in life we waste so much of our time and energy worrying about money and success that we forget how beautiful life truly is and how precious one moment can be.

A follow up on the worship night in the park…

Last Saturday night we had an accoustic worship set in the park and invited a few friends and family to come out and worship. What a blessing. There weren’t many of us this first time around (maybe 12) but it was great to just sit under the veranda, sing songs about our greatest Love and spend moments in prayer and reflection. The most beautiful thing was there was no stress, and there were no expectations. People came out early or late, spent some time singing and talking with one another and that was it. No one was taking attendance, no one worried that we had wasted our time because we didn’t have a grand turnout, but best of all Jesus was lifted up from the hearts of people who really wanted to praise Him. I wonder what church ministries would look like if they had this kind of freedom? What kinds of things might we be able to accomplish if we weren’t so focused on budgets, attendance, and popularity?

There will definitely be more nights of worship coming up so stay tuned…