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Being a person of truth

Lately God has really been working on me to be a man of truth. The first thing that comes to my mind is, “I don’t lie to people!” but what God has been showing me is that people of truth go much deeper than that. How many times have you seen mis-truths, wrong perceptions, or exaggerations and have let them pass by? People of truth are the ones who say, “Wait, that’s not what I heard”, or “Let’s ask them if that’s true or not.” God calls us to be light in the darkness. That goes a lot further than not lying.

A week or two ago I heard about a person who was perpetuating a lie about me. The solution was simple. I needed to confront the person gently, and ask them to help me clear the matter up. The problem was, that was going to be an uncomfortable situation, or an awkward moment (God frequently uses awkward moments, by the way). Instead of clearing the matter up with a moment or two of awkwardness as I called them out on their misconception I just got angry and complained to several of my friends. I perpetuated the problem by continuing negative talk behind people’s backs, which was the very thing I was upset about!
Being a person of truth means not only holding yourself accountable to complete truth, but expecting and insisting on the complete truth with those in your sphere of influence. Where are you perpetuating misconceptions, half-truths, and flat out lies? Where could you be bringing light into darkness even if it is awkward and makes you and others uncomfortable?