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Next Steps

As some of you may know, I have been out of the church ministry world for the last year and a half. Through that, Nicole and I have learned some really hard lessons about pride, contentment and identity. We’ve found that our identity is not in ministry or what we do, but who we are in Christ which never changes.

But, now we’re excited and ready for our next step.This month I’ve been offered a new youth ministry position in Mount Vernon, Washington at the First United Methodist Church. This position is a whole new world for us because it is a part time position which brings in new challenges and unexpected blessings. I will have to work full time in HVAC in order to make this possible.

I recently traveled up to Mount Vernon to meet with the church and see if I could find any local work. The night before I left, Nicole and I prayed for some very specific things if we were to be able to do this: 

1. That I would have no less than two HVAC job offers that weekend,

2. That I would find a home for our family to rent with 3 bedrooms, low rent, and the ability to keep our Sadie Rae (our beloved canine),

3. That we could rent from a person, not an agency. Someone whom we could work with and get along with.

In the process of a four day trip to Washington, I received two job offers in HVAC for better pay, and the church’s pastor told me about a rental from his landlord that was a possibility. Once I checked it out, I found that his landlord was a Christian person who really valued his neighbors and community. This man also is buying a house just for us to rent. Not only that, but we will be living on a property which borders a creek, is less than a block from the biggest lake in town, and a block from the best elementary school in town (it’s also down the road from a christmas tree farm, and a dairy farm). Not only did God answer each prayer, but he made each thing better than we hoped. The house we will be living in is nothing much, a 1948 home with small bedrooms and baths, but is just enough. We will be forced to downsize a lot of our possessions which is a true blessing in disguise. When God gives us a blessing, it is for our true good so it may not come with all of our desires, but all of our true needs.

I met with the church over the weekend, spent my evenings with a 90 year old retired missionary couple, and met with some families, council members, and the pastor. It seems to be just the right place for us right now, with just the right timing.

Right now we are planning to be moving a day or two after Christmas. We are very excited for what’s next but will dearly miss all of our friends and family in the Prescott area. Our church family in Lumen Deo has been one of the greatest blessings to us in this past year. We’ve made friends and been part of a community that has been encouraging and loving.

We are truly blessed.