My name is Andrew Latulippe (La-TOO-lip) and I am currently seeking employment in youth and other ministry opportunities. I filled my last ministry position for four years, serving as Director of Student ministry and also Director of Contemporary Music for a six month period while they searched for a permanent replacement.

During the last four years of full time ministry I have been able to establish a youth ministry from the ground up that consists of regular student-led services, service projects, missions, special events, concerts, prayer retreats, and separate Middle and High School small groups. Before entering full time ministry, I led contemporary worship and the youth ministry at a smaller church as a volunteer for several years. It was during that time of volunteering and serving the church that God showed me His calling for my life in ministry. Ever since we gave God our lives for ministry my wife, Nicole, and I have both felt God’s grip on our lives to serve His Kingdom. I view ministry as not just a calling on my life but also a calling on my whole family. My wife serves tirelessly as my best volunteer at meetings and small groups, and we involve our children in some appropriate youth events where students can interact with our family.

Through a combination of experiences in ministry, study, training opportunities, and fellowship with others in ministry, my wife and I feel that the most popular model for youth ministry in this country has succeeded in bringing students to events and having the appearance of health, but has mostly brought in students for entertainment and consumerism which has left them shallow in their faith without a real personal connection to Christ and the radical life changes that He brings. As a result, we have added a contemplative and personal approach to our ministry. We started a regular prayer retreat for students that taught them various ways to stay connected through prayer and by looking for God’s movement in our lives. We also have tried to have a stronger emphasis on small groups in our ministry and making sure that our adult leaders are connecting with kids rather than only teaching them a curriculum. A result of this has been more relational discipleship between students, and leadership which has been a blessing to students, their families, and leaders as well.

As of June 30th, 2011 I resigned from my position as Director of Student Ministries at American Evangelical Lutheran Church. Through a combination of prayer and circumstances, we felt strongly led by the Spirit that now is the time to trust Him and move forward into the next phase of our ministry. God has been so good to us to provide for our every need and we are constantly learning to trust and rely fully on God.

Please partner with us in prayer as we seek, discern, and wait upon our next step in ministry.


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